Attention: All members who use the association, and it’s facilities must be members of the association or the paid guest of an active member.
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Vol. III, Issue 22

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Perry Hunter Safety Education Course

The required pre-registration is limited to 55 students for our Hunter Ed Safety course. Students must pre-register on-line at the Pa. Game Commission web site at Navigate to the Class Calendar and look for our course. Students must be at least 11 years of age and must attend both sessions, July 31st and August 1st, in order to graduate. Four hours of on-line training should also be completed before attending.

16th Annual Women On Target®

Perry, along with the NRA Women-On-Target® program and NRA Foundation Inc. are again proud to sponsor this year 2 non-competitive, instructional clinics to mentor women in recreational shooting and hunting sports. The clinics will be held on Saturdays, June 13th and September 12th. All ranges and shooting facilities will be closed while these clinics are in session. Each session requires a minimum of 12 students and a maximum of 32 students to make the events viable. Click on the event dates under the Event tab on our web site. To pre-register simply pay by credit card on-line or print off the pre-registration form and mail with a $40 check. Please contact Bob Sproesser at 610-756-4328 with any questions. We receive partial funding from the NRA Foundation and can keep the cost low at $40/student.

NRA Membership Recruiting Program

Perry is a registered recruiter for the NRA. The Association receives a recruiter fee if you join or renew your current membership with the NRA through our club. Log on to our web site or stop by the club for further details. This is a great time to join or renew given the negative liberal news media reports toward the NRA.

Shotgun Patterning

There is a patterning stand for shotguns located between trap-house #2 and #3. Please refrain from firing shotgun shot shells at the pistol /rifle range yardages below 25 yards. Shot shell pellets at such short distances quickly deteriorate the target mats requiring replacements and more frequent maintenance. Limit shotgun use at the range for sighting in slug barrels only.

Big Game Contests

We had no 2019 entries for the biggest bear contest. We awarded $50 to three biggest deer rack contest winners. We had six entries in the archery contest. Woody Lutz and Ron Bordner tied in the archery category with bucks that had a point total of 29-3/4. Woody harvested his 10 point buck in Schuylkill County. Ron harvested his 8 point buck in Berks County. We had three entries in the rifle contest. Tom DeAngelo won the rifle category with an 11 point buck from Berks County with a point total of 31-1/8. There were no Junior entries. The 2019-2020 longest turkey beard contest ends 6/29/20. Bring your harvests to the club for measurement. The next bear and deer contests end at 8:00 p.m. on 1/26/2021 and 2/23/2021 respectively.

Special BFNRA Recognition Raffle

Perry will receive three firearms for our support of the 2020 Berks Friends of the NRA. We are offering those guns along with eight other unique guns in a special raffle ticket. Four tickets are enclosed. They cost $5.00 each, $20 total for all four. Sell 10 of the tickets and receive a free ticket for yourself. The drawing will be held at our club trap shoot on Sunday, September 6th. Ticket holders do NOT have to be present to win. We will add additional gun and/or cash prizes if ticket sales are brisk. Last year we held a similar raffle and we awarded a total of 17 guns and one cash award due to excellent sales results.

Clarification on Range Rules

You must carry with you and display your membership card when using the facilities. Every member has the responsibility to patrol the range and assure that only active members or paid guests are using the facilities and using them safely. If you forget your card then sign and pay for a guest pass that day. We will refund the $10 guest fee with a written request and our confirmation that you truly are an active member on that date.
Let’s be clear that any device that converts a handgun into a rifle type/style with a butt stock or sling is PROHIBITED at the steel target range. The steel target range is for hand-held handguns only at the shorter distances to those targets. Those convertible types may be used at the paper target range at distances of 25 yards and beyond.


NOTE: All memberships now run on a one year basis based on payment month. Fiscal year memberships, grace periods and late fees no longer apply. We encourage everyone to take advantage of paying on-line with a credit card. Use the $20 renewal button under the Make A Payment tab on the web site. We E-mail a reminder the month before your expiration for those who use credit card to pay and mail a postcard for those who pay manually. This mailing includes membership renewal information cards for all members who currently hold an existing card that expires May or June 2020 and previously paid manually. If you are renewing manually please return the completed card along with check for $20.00 (regular) or $5.00 (Junior). Upon check or PayPal receipt, a new membership card will be mailed with an expiration date next due one year from your payment month. You will be dropped from the roles at the end of your expiration month and will need to re-join if payment is not received prior to that date. All members who currently possess a card with an expiration date July or later will receive a renewal notification by a later mailing. All members should pay attention to their expiration date and renew prior to same to avoid the $10 re- join fee. Please notify us if you change your mailing address.


Nominations for officers for the 2020-2021 term will be accepted at the May regular meeting and voted upon at the June regular meeting. We encourage our members to volunteer for officer and trustee positions. We could use a few younger Board members.

NOTE: All dates mentioned in this news-letter are subject to post-ponement if Coronavirus restrictions still apply.


Perry will co-sponsor with Lenhartsville Fish & Game a Youth Trout Fishing Rodeo. The fishing rodeo is presently scheduled for May, 2nd; but it may be postponed it the Coronavirus restrictions are still in effect. The rodeo is open to members of both clubs, their children and grandchildren at the lower pond at Lenhartsville. You must have a fishing license and show your membership card to enter. Registration starts at 7:30 a.m. and fishing at 8:00 a.m. for children 15 years of age and younger. Adults, 16 years of age and over, can fish after 1:00 p.m. up to 5:00 p.m. Prizes will be awarded. No beverages or food will be available this year. Bring your kids and fishing tackle for a day filled with fun. There is a three fish limit. Cost is $5 for kids and $10 for adults. Anyone wishing to sponsor a fish shall call Ron Border at 610-562-3391. Lenhartsville Fish & Game is located at 58 Hein Road, Lenhartsville, Pa. 19534. Take route 143 south from Lenhartsville and turn at the first right unto Hein Road. Stay left at the fork in the road and their club is ahead on the right (look for sign and dirt access road).


Perry finished in sixth place in the 2019-2020 Berks Inter-valley Trapshooting League with the traveling trophy going to first place Strausstown Rod & Gun Club. The Monday evening trap league between Lenhartsville and Perry will start May 4th at Lenhartsville. This is a great league for the inexperienced and novice shooter to get started or practice improvement skills. Perry also holds 25 and 50 target public shoots the first Sunday of each month, May through December inclusive. The 2020 Berks Amateur League was scheduled to start on April 5th at Perry but start of that league is still pending.

Clubhouse Renovations

The club house has been totally renovated with enclosure of the old porch and installation of a new deck. An open house and ribbon cutting ceremony will be held on Sunday, June 7th when we will dedicate the new addition to our former President, George Faust.


The annual Berks Friends of NRA banquet will be held on Friday evening, May 15th. The ticket price is $55 which features an enjoyable evening with other sportspersons and a delicious dinner at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Wyomissing along with live and silent auctions and numerous raffles for valuable merchandise and guns. The deadline to purchase a banquet ticket is May 8th. Contact Bob Sproesser at 610-756-4328 if you would like to attend. No ticket sales at the door. Please support your local shooting programs via the NRA Foundation.

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The purpose for which the association is formed is to promote the advancement of practical knowledge of the mechanism of firearms and efficiency in the use and operation thereof, the maintenance of an Association for the preservation of game.
The stocking and re-stocking of lands for such purpose, and the dissemination of information and knowledge generally pertaining to Game and Game laws.
For the conservation of soil, fish and game.

Perry Gun Club is a game association that provides NRA training and a shooting range to people in and around Shoemakersville PA, Reading PA, and Allentown PA.

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