Attention: All members who use the association, and it’s facilities must be members of the association or the paid guest of an active member.
2021 Event Dates Posted!
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* Rifle / Pistol Range closed while these events are in progress

** 10 yard or 25 yard range will be closed for these events.



Regular Membership: $20.00 per year + $10.00 to Join ($30.00 Total) due when you first join.
Junior Membership: $5.00 +$0.00 =$ 5.00 Total
Life Membership: Pro-rated based on age.


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The purpose for which the association is formed is to promote the advancement of practical knowledge of the mechanism of firearms and efficiency in the use and operation thereof, the maintenance of an Association for the preservation of game.
The stocking and re-stocking of lands for such purpose, and the dissemination of information and knowledge generally pertaining to Game and Game laws.
For the conservation of soil, fish and game.

Perry Gun Club is a game association that provides NRA training and a shooting range to people in and around Shoemakersville PA, Reading PA, and Allentown PA.

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