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Attention: All members who use the association, and it’s facilities must be members of the association or the paid guest of an active member.
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Clubhouse Rental

Perry Township Game Association (the Association)

Contract for Clubhouse Rental

1. The rental fee and requirements for use of the clubhouse are as follows:
$200 security deposit (refundable minus cost for any damages).
$200 rental fee.
Certificate of homeowner’s insurance active for the day of the event.

2. No firearms or other weapons are permitted in the clubhouse. This agreement does NOT give the renter the use of the range or other shooting facilities on Association grounds. Use of the range is only permitted by active/paid members and this contract does not override in any way the rights of other members who wish to use the range or other outdoor shooting facilities on the day of the rental.

3. Prior reservation of the range is available at an additional cost and with supervisory range officer and staff.

4. Alterations to the clubhouse are prohibited. Decorations may be used; however, only masking tape or string are to be used for hanging of decorations.

5. Tables and chairs may be rearranged as necessary; but no movement of refrigerators, TV, animal mounts, kitchen apparatus, etc. are allowed.

6. No food, beer or beverages are to be consumed or removed from the Association’s stock without prior arrangements.

7. The clubhouse, kitchen, restrooms, appliances and club grounds are to be left in the condition they were prior to the function. All decorations are to be removed and general cleanup of the kitchen countertops and tables are to take place before leaving the premises.

8. Use of the kitchen, refrigerators and other equipment are included in the rental fee. However, each group must bring their own paper supplies, condiments and all disposal utensils.

9. SMOKING IS PROHIBITED inside the clubhouse.

10. Controlled reasonable consumption of alcohol products provided by the renter is permitted; but the renter assumes all responsibility for any damage or injury to other persons and property or to the property of the Association resulting from such consumption. Fraternity, bachelor or similar type beer parties are ABSOLUTELY PROHIBITED.

11. Garbage bags are to be removed from the barrels, tied and deposited in the trash containment bin behind the clubhouse. Clean garbage bags can be found under the kitchen counter.

12. Please be sure there are no water faucets or toilets left running when you leave. The restroom lights and exhaust fans turn on and off automatically.

13. The Association is not responsible for any liability on its part to fulfill this contract. The renter recognizes this and releases the Association from any and all claims.

14. The renter/users indemnify and hold the Association harmless for any action or suit brought against the Association resulting from the renter’s use of the property.

15. The Association has the right to void any agreement, cancel any use and have the renter vacate the property if the requirements and intent of this contract are not met or upheld.

16. The renter must establish a time to meet with an Association officer on the day of the function to have the clubhouse unlocked, security turned off and key provided.

17. Likewise, the renter is responsible to lock up the clubhouse if away from the premises at any time. A time must also be established that an officer shall return to collect the key and reset the security system.

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  • FOR PAYMENT BY CHECK: Print and return one signed copy of this form along with security deposit check in the amount of $200 payable to the Perry Township Game Association at least three weeks prior to the function. The additional $200 rental fee must be paid and your certificate of insurance provided prior to the function.

    Thank You!

  • Price:
  • You can pay with a credit card and do not need a personal PayPal account.


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The purpose for which the association is formed is to promote the advancement of practical knowledge of the mechanism of firearms and efficiency in the use and operation thereof, the maintenance of an Association for the preservation of game.
The stocking and re-stocking of lands for such purpose, and the dissemination of information and knowledge generally pertaining to Game and Game laws.
For the conservation of soil, fish and game.

Perry Gun Club is a game association that provides NRA training and a shooting range to people in and around Shoemakersville PA, Reading PA, and Allentown PA.

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